Welcome Malaysian customers to visit our factory

Dec 28,2023
Welcome Malaysian customers to visit
The Malaysian customer flew to Yunnan, China to meet us and visit our biomass boiler site in Yunnan.
Our biomass boilers have the following characteristics:
1.Fuel covers waste combustibles, saving operating costs
2.Utilizing Multiple Sets of Closely Spaced Air Vents to Deliver Air for More Thorough Combustion
3.Rotary Grate for More Uniform Heating
4.Automatic Agitator to Prevent Coking
5.Masonry Furnace On Site to Reduce Heat Loss
6.left&right Modular Structure for Easier Installation
7.Extra-Large Furnace Space,Facilitating Gravity Settling of Smoke and Impurities
8.Multiple Ash Removal Doors for Easy Cleaning

The customer is very satisfied to visit the boiler site accompanied by us. The customer thinks that our boiler can solve the coking problem of his last boiler. The customer is ready to buy our boiler to replace the coking boiler and is happy to work with us.

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    1. We have 20, 000 m² factory area, More than 200 employees. We can efficiently complete your delivery project.

    2. Our boiler vessel export to more than 100+ countries, Well Received by Customers.

    3. Our boiler vessel have passed the ISO 9001 system certification, EU CE and other international certifications, worthy of your trust.

    4. Through the quotation consultation form you submitted, we will give you a quotation and construction solution in the shortest time.

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