Building Material Industry

Steam boilers play an important role in the production of building materials. Building materials need to be reprocessed under high temperature conditions, such as autoclave curing of aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime sand bricks, fly ash bricks, microporous calcium silicate boards, new lightweight wall materials, thermal insulation Processing of asbestos board, high-strength gypsum and other building materials. In particular, materials such as aerated concrete blocks and molded bricks are pressurized and hardened by the steam heat generated by industrial steam boilers. Aerated concrete blocks are lightweight, porous, heat-resistant, fire-resistant, and can be nailed and sawn. , New construction materials that can be planed and have a certain earthquake resistance. Gas or oil-fired steam boilers play a particularly important role in the production of aerated concrete blocks. The steam boiler and autoclave equipment of Yuji Boiler can run well in the building materials industry, and there are many cases at home and abroad.

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