Paper Mill Industry


In the paper industry, steam is the main energy source, and most paper companies use steam boilers. High-temperature steam is produced by coal-fired or other fuels through energy conversion, and then transported to various workshops to achieve the purpose of steaming, cooking, drying and forming.

Chemical substances used in paper mills, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, etc., are dissolved by heating and require steam heating. In addition, when processing shaped paper, black pulp also requires steam.

The boiler in the paper mill has another function-power generation, which belongs to combined heat and power. Energy saving and emission reduction is a trend strongly encouraged by various countries. The capacity of this type of boiler is generally more than 20 tons/hour, and superheated steam can be used in cascade through cogeneration. The steam generated after the back-pressure turbine generator generates electricity is used again in the process production, which greatly improves the economic efficiency of the paper mill.

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