Central Heating

Central heating is an indispensable part of life. In many places, such as hospitals, schools and hotels, industrial boilers are used for central heating and hot water supply. For these places, the boiler should be safe and clean. There are many types of central heating boilers, divided by fuel: electric heating boiler, fuel oil heating boiler, gas heating boiler, coal-fired heating boiler, biomass heating boiler, etc. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, after 2000, the heating of buildings used hot water as the heat medium, and generally no steam boiler was used. Yuji has professionally designed and reformed the central heating boiler, simple button control system, special microcomputer controller for hot water boiler, and large Chinese and English LCD screens. The combustion system adopts the original Italian imported burner, and the boiler adopts automatic programming control. The design of the furnace body includes various design schemes such as pressure design and atmospheric pressure design. According to the different pressure requirements of users, a flexible scheme is selected to achieve safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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