Pharmaceutical Industry


The steam boiler is the most suitable choice for the pharmaceutical industry. The heating equipment of the pharmaceutical industry is mainly boilers. The pharmaceutical industry needs to use a large amount of industrial steam and pure steam for the purpose of high temperature sterilization of raw materials, machinery and equipment. In addition, Chinese medicine decoction Cooking, medicine drying, gelatin, soft capsule manufacturing, etc. require high steam quality requirements.

In most pharmaceutical companies, steam is mainly produced by natural gas-fired boilers, which consume a large amount of fuel costs every year. At the same time, with the use of high-temperature steam, a large amount of high-temperature condensate will also be produced. Generally speaking, this part of the condensate is directly discharged to the outdoor as waste water, causing waste of heat and pollution to the surrounding environment. In order to help pharmaceutical companies achieve energy saving and emission reduction, and reduce operating costs, Yuji Boiler also introduced a condensing steam recovery boiler, which can recover the use of condensate condensate water or water and steam to produce a steam boiler, and directly used as boiler make-up water. , Greatly reducing fuel consumption and saving energy.

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