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Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen/Natural Gas /Carbon Dioxide/Argon Gas Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank
Volume: 5m³ ~ 200m³
Working Pressure:0.2Mpa ~ 3.5Mpa
Working Medium:Liquid oxygen/Nitrogen/Natural gas /Carbon Dioxide/Argon gas
Placement Way:Vertical And Horizontal

Product Introduction

Product Description

1, light quality and high strength

This type of storage tank is between 1.5~2.0 density, its density is one fourth to one fifth of the carbon steel density, but has close to the tensile strength, the tensile strength of this material is more than the tensile strength of carbon steel, its strength can be the same as the strength of alloy steel.

It is needed in various fields, the aerospace field needs it, the rocket field needs it, the space vehicle needs it, the high pressure vessel needs it, in the need to reduce the weight of the product application equipment, all need this equipment, this storage equipment has a good use effect.

2, with good corrosion resistance

Liquefied petroleum gas storage tank is have good performance of corrosion material, the material has good resistance ability, the use of this material storage device can resist the atmosphere, water resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, salt corrosion, also can resist a variety of oils and solvents, this kind of storage device application is very wide, in all aspects of chemical corrosion in the use of this equipment,

This product is replacing carbon steel storage equipment, non-ferrous metal storage equipment, low temperature storage tank equipment use.

Product Specification

Cryogenic Storage Tank

Placement Way

Vertical And Horizontal

Adiabatic Way

Vacuum Powder Insulation


5m³ ~ 200m³

Working Pressure

0.2Mpa ~ 3.5Mpa

Working Medium

Liquid oxygen/Nitrogen/Natural gas

/Carbon Dioxide/Argon gas


Carbon steelQ345R or Stainless steel(304/316)

The above specification data just for reference, for more specification, it is can be customized according to requirement.

Certificate and Qualification

OEM Service

1. Boiler quality guarantee: We have our own factory, we can guarantee the boiler production efficiency and quality!

2. Feedback on the production progress in real time. We will send you pictures and videos of the production of Storage tank so that you can better understand the production process.

3. Reliable Transportation: Yuji Boiler has been cooperating with experienced freight forwarding companies for many years to ensure that the products reach their destination safe and sound. We have an overseas installation team to provide installation, commissioning and regular door-to-door maintenance.

4. Strict and complete inspection system: We have complete X-ray inspection, water pressure inspection, leak test and other systems to ensure 100% throughput before product delivery.

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